[ubuntu-hardened] Correctly Enabling SELinux on Intrepid

Aaron Toponce atoponce at ubuntu.com
Thu Dec 25 14:44:08 GMT 2008

ledefi.88 wrote:
> So, how do I get to the point where I have a policy running in enforcing
> mode on my system? I can clearly get selinux working... but the policy
> being used seems to be the problem.

SELinux is massively and horribly broken on Ubuntu 8.10. I've spent
countless hours trying to get it to work, all wasted. If you must run
SELinux, I'd install Fedora, as the Targeted policy is written by Red
Hat employees, and Just Works on Red Hat based distros. For Ubuntu, I'd
run and learn AppArmor until SELinux gets fixed.

Just my two cents.

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