[ubuntu-hardened] [fmac-discuss] ANN: 2008 SELinux Developer Summit CFP

Alan DuBoff alan.duboff at sun.com
Fri Apr 4 12:09:27 BST 2008

On Fri, 4 Apr 2008, James Morris wrote:

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> 2008 SELinux Developer Summit Call For Participation (CFP)
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Thanks for including the FMAC community of OpenSolaris in your Call For 
Participation. I hope to see OpenSolaris be a strong player in this space, 
and certain there will be participation at the Summit.

Others in the SELinux community should feel welcome to join the FMAC 
community on OpenSolaris for discussion of Flask/Type_Enforcement related 
issues, as pertained to all systems.

I know that I will be trying to understand SELinux community more, much 
the same.

John Weeks presented an introduction to FMAC at the OpenSolaris user group 
I run in Silicon Valley, and if anyone is interested you can view it on 
ustream at our user group page, here:


The first video is late week's meeting.

You can get the slides to go along with the presentation at this link:


I have to take blame for the video, John is very small and hard to see, 
but some have said he looks better like that, so quality is subjective.;-)


Alan DuBoff - Solaris x86 IHV/OEM Group

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