[ubuntu-hardened] [Fwd: Adamantix support for other distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.)]

Herman Bos hbos at osso.nl
Wed Mar 1 22:29:09 GMT 2006

I thought this might be interesting. :)

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Subject: 	Adamantix support for other distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.)
Date: 	Wed, 1 Mar 2006 22:36:17 +0100
From: 	Peter Busser <peter at adamantix.org>
To: 	announce at lists.adamantix.org


The Adamantix project now officially supports the use of some of the Adamantix
features on other distributions. This means that programs like RSBAC
packages, kernel packages, ArX, Chicken Scheme (+ libraries), PaXtest
and the Adamantix RSBAC utilities are now also available for those who
cannot or do not want to use Adamantix.

Currently only Debian Sarge and Ubuntu Breezy are supported, but others will
follow. The only supported architecture at this moment is i386.

The web page containing information on how to get these packages is at:


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