[ubuntu-hardened] AppArmor for Ubuntu (braindump/overview)

Taco Witte taco at mval.net
Wed Mar 1 10:36:38 GMT 2006

Op wo, 01-03-2006 te 02:36 +0000, schreef Paul Sladen:
> On Wed, 22 Feb 2006, Crispin Cowan wrote:
> > would like to help port it to Ubuntu. Since Ubuntu has a very strong
> > ease-of-use theme, AppArmor for Ubuntu should be a very strong fit.
> I had a good talk with Crispin this evening in London and I hopefully have a
> reason overview handle on AppArmour.  Crispin, please correct any of the
> following if I've got the wrong idea.

It sounds like a lot of work (although testing could start immediately
if the policy format doesn't change much), but very worthwile. I'd like
to help with testing and making policy files if someone else takes the
initiative to package AppArmor.

Kind regards,

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