[ubuntu-hardened] SELinux: Status of SysVinit?

Andrew Mitchell ajmitch at ubuntu.com
Wed Feb 22 07:09:50 GMT 2006

On Tue, Feb 21, 2006 at 03:13:59AM +0100, Thomas Bleher wrote:
> Hi together,
> I recently started working on updated SELinux packages for Ubuntu
> (mainly repolicy-packages). I saw that the SELinux patch in sysvinit was
> disabled but I could not find a clear reason why (which messages where
> regarded as annoying?). Is anyone working on a patch to fix this issue?
> If not, can anyone clue me in about the issue so I can create a patch?
> That would be really nice!
> Another question: Is anyone currently working on SELinux in Ubuntu? I'm
> in contact with Erich Schubert who is currently building Debian packages.
> If anyone else is working on this topic please let me know so we can
> coordinate our efforts.
> Thanks,
> Thomas

Hi Thomas, I've been working on SELinux for awhile now in Ubuntu,
including trying to package the reference policy & various other
userland problems. I've been to the last couple of Ubuntu conferences &
written up the specification for selinux implementation, and I've also
been in touch with Erich. We agreed that it'd be better to do most of
the policy work in Debian, but it's great to finally hear of others
willing to help out in Ubuntu. The main reason it's been so delayed is
lack of willing volunteers. 
The sysvinit patch I hope to have included in the next day or two, I've
been working on it. 
It would be nice to coordinate work so that work isn't duplicated, as
has already started to happen with at least 2 people (myself included)
doing policy packaging.

PS: sorry if 2 mails come through, I initially tried to reply through
Andrew Mitchell
Debian / Ubuntu Developer
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