[ubuntu-hardened] Fixed some bugs in the postinst and postrm scripts of vSecurity packages, merged amd64 changes

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Mon Oct 17 04:47:54 CDT 2005

On Sun, Oct 16, 2005 at 08:43:31PM +0200, Lorenzo Hernández García-Hierro wrote:
>On dom, 2005-10-16 at 20:06 +0200, Herman Bos wrote:
>> I'm not totally into it but if I may ask what are the consequences of
>> disabling the capabilities module? It sounds pretty bad.
>We are just disabling it of using a slot within the LSM framework, not
>removing capabilities support at all. We just end up using the hook
>(capable()) within vSecurity instead of the one inside 'capability'
>LKM, getting a free slot for our module and hence being able to load

A question: when you're talking about "a slot within LSM" what do you

My (possibly outdated) understanding of LSM was that from the kernel's
POV there can be only one LSM. However there is a way of chaining LSMs,
but it's at the discretion of the one LSM. Actually everything is at the
discretion of this one LSM, calling (and combining results from) the
other LSMs and managing module-specific state data.

There was some work done on using a hash table for the module-specific
state data, but I haven't followed the kernel lists so I don't know what
happened to it.


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