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El mar, 01-11-2005 a las 15:50 -0400, jeff.schroeder2 at us.army.mil
> >> At least, we can still work on the policy and avoid 
> >> wasting time ;). cap_over from upstream works fine
> >> on kernels up to 2.6.14 (mainline tested)
> Is cap_over policy enforcement enabled by default in 
> the most recent cvs? I know it is not in the previous
> cvs release I have laying around /home and if not,
> could you commit it?

I'm going to work on the enforcement code soon. By now, and until we fix
the freeze bug, CVS shouldn't receive any commits.

> >> Policy work involves researching on the default
> >> setuid binaries in dapper and breezy, and creating
> >> policies for each one of them. You just need the
> >> policy loader and cap_over LSM.
> cap_over is merged with vSecurity, but you need the
> cap_over LSM? Forgive my ignorance, but that sounds
> like I need to compile && modprobe cap_over. I am
> guessing this is incorrect, but I would like to clear
> things up first.

No, we need the cap_over LSM until we fix vSecurity's freeze bug. Using
cap_over LSM makes possible to work on the policy without getting stuck
while we work on fixing vsec.

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