[ubuntu-hardened] Re: Ubuntu Hardened work, implementation and deployment schema

Lorenzo Hernández García-Hierro lorenzo at gnu.org
Sun Mar 27 07:02:36 CST 2005

El dom, 27-03-2005 a las 06:25 -0500, Brandon Hale escribió:
> PaX by default at this point would be a maintainability nightmare. I'm
> sure you'll recall the maintainence problems in Gentoo.  This will be
> greatly worsened by the retirement of PageExec, and the Ubuntu kernel
> team will surely not appreciate great delays and/or extra work for every
> upstream release (and some security issues, you will recall binfmt_elf).

Right, we can't assess with the overhead of deploying PaX *now*, we need
first to see the project "future" or at least, the possibilities of
using it without overloading our maintenance work.

> I've demoted PaX to Universe on our wiki page, but include PT_PAX_FLAGS
> in Main.  This will still require a good discussion of the pros and cons
> of PT_PAX_FLAGS over PT_GNU_STACK, which is currently less intrusive and
> supported by ES and mainline NX code.

PT_GNU_STACK is the way to go, PT_PAX_FLAGS, if it doesn't add
unnecessary overhead, will be supported too.

We need to provide unified solutions, not whole-sale, specific ones
which will harm the project later.AKA support for upstream stuff, ala
mainline. ;)

>  Besides the binutils patch I can't
> imagine any overhead added by simply supporting PT_PAX_FLAGS as well,
> however.  If we begin marking packages at build/install time the
> duplication will be apperant however.

Right, I'm not an expert on the field, so, I would like to hear from
someone experienced in bothering with markings.

> PS, why did we make our own list and continue to CC -devel?
> Let's stop this on the next thread please.

I apologize, but some things should be tracked in both lists, anyways,
those interested should subscribe now :)

Lorenzo Hernández García-Hierro <lorenzo at gnu.org> 
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