[ubuntu-hardened] Re: [RFC] selinux-support (1.0.1) available

Lorenzo Hernández García-Hierro lorenzo at gnu.org
Fri Mar 25 08:41:02 CST 2005

El vie, 25-03-2005 a las 09:08 -0500, Stephen Smalley escribió:
> Can you explain the purpose of this package?  I'm not sure I understand
> what you mean, or why the above packages would depend on it.  What is
> the purpose of the /etc/selinux.conf file in this package, and how does
> it compare to the already existing /etc/selinux/config file that is
> being used by libselinux and various scripts?  Do you expect this to
> remain Ubuntu-specific?

The purpose is to provide a meta-package such as the harden &
harden-environment ones, that installs all the user-land tools packages
for supporting SELinux, among other interesting packages or needed

/etc/selinux.conf is to be used by front-end utilities, configuration
tools and other stuff.
We are now thinking in a "Security Center"-like [1] solution for Ubuntu,
so, it also makes sense for such thing.

In my opinion, it's going to be Ubuntu specific until it's back-accepted
in Debian, anyways, I expect to have, at least, the user-land ready for
SELinux support within the Ubuntu Linux distribution, for the Hoary+1
release (Breezy).


PS: I'm CC'ing to ubuntu-hardened to keep the thread, just if someone
needs to know or ask about the same information and ends up on
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