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Subject: Call for testing: Xenial langpack updates III
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Hello translators!

We now start the third langpack update cycle for Xenial. While this update
is delayed compared to what was planned originally, it gives us a chance to
improve the translation coverage before the 16.04.4 point release on 15th
of February.

The names of the langpacks which have been copied to xenial-proposed are:


where 'XX' is the language code.

The steps involved are described at this wiki page:

Basically the translation teams are asked to

* install the updated langpacks from xenial-proposed
* perform the tests according to the wiki page
* add the test result for respective language to the Xenial table on
  the wiki page

The row for Swedish has already been inserted; just add your language in
the same manner.

Langpacks which have been reported as successfully tested by 24th of
January 14:00 UTC will be copied to xenial-updates, and with that made
available to all users.

This is the last coordinated translation update for Xenial. If a need
arises for further updates of a particular language, this guidance applies:


Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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