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Διοργανώνουμε σεμινάριο της SpringSource αναναφορικά με το java
framework Spring 3.0 στην Αθήνα

Σας αποστέλλω τις επίσημες πληροφορίες του σεμιναρίου παρακάτω (στα
αγγλικά). Τα μέλη της λίστας θα έχουν 10% έκπτωση


Core Spring 3.0 Training
Duration: 4 day (s) - When: 19th to 22th of April - Where: Athens
UBUNTU List Members Price 1.822€

Duration:_ 4 day (s)
When:_ 19th to 22th of April
Where:_ Athens / Greece

Follow this link for extensive information and registration

### Spring is the essential complement to the professional Java programmer ###

Course Overview

Core Spring is our 4-day flagship Spring Framework training. In this
training, students build a Spring-powered JEE application that
demonstrates the Spring Framework and other Spring technologies like
Spring AOP, Spring Security, Spring IOC and more in an intensely
productive, hands-on setting.

Completion of this training entitles each student to receive a free
voucher to schedule an exam at a Pearson Vue Centre to become Spring
Certified. The Core Spring training is also the ideal preparation for
the certification exam.
This training is designed for developers interested in developing
applications with Spring

# Experience with developing applications using Java

Course datasheet (PDF) -

Course Objectives

At the end of the training, you should gain an understanding of Spring
and associated technologies and be able to:

    * Develop Java applications using the Spring Framework
    * Use Dependency Injection to set up and configure applications
    * Test Spring Applications
    * Use Hibernate and JDBC with Spring to access relational databases
    * Make use of Spring’s support for transactions
    * Utilize AOP to add behavior to objects
    * Develop web applications – traditional and RESTful
    * Secure application with Spring Security
    * Use technologies such as RMI, HttpInvoker, Hessian, Burlap and
JMS for remote communication
    * Add management with the JMX API

Course Outline

    * Day 1: Spring Framework Fundamentals
          o Introduction to Spring
          o Using Spring to configure an application
          o Understanding the bean life-cycle
          o Simplifying application configuration
          o Annotation-based dependency injection
          o Testing a Spring-based application
    * Day 2: Effective Middle-Tier Architecture
          o Adding behavior to an application using aspects
          o Introducing data access with Spring
          o Simplifying JDBC-based data access
          o Driving database transactions in a Spring environment
    * Day 3: Implementing Enterprise Information Connectivity
          o Introducing object-to-relational mapping (ORM)
          o Getting started with Hibernate in a Spring environment
          o Effective web application architecture
          o Getting started with Spring MVC
          o RESTful web services with Spring MVC
    * Day 4: Integration with Enterprise Services
          o Securing web applications with Spring Security
          o Understanding Spring's remoting framework
          o Simplifying message applications with Spring JMS
          o Adding manageability to an application with Spring JMX

About the Trainer

Arnaud Cogoluègnes is a Java EE architect and expert in Spring. He
delivers SpringSource trainings in Core Spring and Enterprise
Integration. Arnaud is is the co-auteur of the seccond edition  de
Spring par la Pratique Spring, Spring Dynamic Modules in Action and
Spring Batch in Action.

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