Re: Νέα βασική γραμματοσειρά Ubuntu για10.10

Savvas Radevic vicedar at
Tue Mar 9 09:53:12 GMT 2010

Πήρα απάντηση από τον Mark Shuttleworth:

On 06/03/10 22:34, Savvas Radevic wrote:
> There are some concerns from some community members (ubuntu-gr mailing
> list specifically) about the font license.
> Will the license be free enough to allow other distributions package
> the future ubuntu font?
> In other words, what will be restricted and what will be allowed
> regarding the font?

Any distribution will be entitled to package and distribute the font.
However, they will not be able to use the font for their default
interface, as that will make them look too much like Ubuntu. The font
will be covered by trade dress, which is like trademark law, and
prevents people from making products which appear to be the same as
other people's products.

Οπόταν λίγο-πολύ είναι αυτά που πίστευα ότι εννοούσε, ναι στην
αναδιανομή, όχι στη χρήση default εγκατάστασης (και προφανώς live cd).

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