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Hello friends!...newbie here!
Mr. Alan Pope, I do love your vids of how-tos for ubuntu found on YouTube.
My name is Roberto Millán, and I´m from Puerto Rico.
Let´s get straight to the point.
I had tried to install the Real Player 10 like the above user, and ran into some problems with the system.
I currently do not have the Real Player installed, nor will the system let me install anything else, until I fix the problem with the Real Player.
There is a problem with the Synaptic:
On the bottom(well, I have both of the ubuntu bars  on the bottom), right-hand side,  besides the system time and date, there are two little monitors, like the network connection monitor, or whatever..
ok...besides that, to the left of that I have an orange square, with a white star inside it.  Now, when I hover the mouse pointer on top of that it gives me a message:
¨A error occurred, please run the Package Manager from the right-click menu or apt-get on a terminal to see what is wrong.  The error message was: `Unknown Error: `<type `exceptions.SystemError´>´ (E: The package realplayer needs to be reinstalled, but I can find an archive for it.)´¨
Now, the thing is, that I know I haven deleted anything!
The file RealPlayer10GOLD.bin is in my home folder.
So I do not understand why the error message.
When I open the Synaptic Package Manager
it also gives me a similar error message:
¨E: The package realplayer needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.
E: Internal error opening cache (1). Please report¨
Can somebody please tell me the proper way to get rid of this problem?....so to be able to Install RealPlayer, and other programs, since right at the moment is not letting me install anything, until I fix this problem.
Anybodyś help will be greatly appreciated!!
Thank you all..
>From Puerto Rico

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