Ubuntu-gr Digest, Vol 23, Issue 13

Demetris Tsihlis dtsihlis at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 12:23:20 BST 2007

Einai ena ubuntu edgy me ena omorfo theme se styl vista kai epipleon  
aytes tis efarmoges almost  out of the box.
KDE desktop environment
Gnome desktop environment
Enlightenment desktop environment
Windowmaker desktop environment
Additional themes, theme engines & screensavers
Network security tools
Manrip & Lemonrip - DVD ripping software
Yamipod - Ipod software
Many apps for KDE (too many to list)
New theme / splash screen / wallpaper
New sound theme
VCD Gear debian style
Subversion & build tools
Wireless Internet integration
Bluetooth integration
PPP integration
Networking tools
35 Additional fonts
Tons more themes
Repository driven Beryl
New sounds theme
Integrated Custom repository support
All current Updates 158 at time of posting
IPod support
Gramps - Genealogy software (thanks poweruser2600)
Legends - Video Game
Kapote - Instant Messenger
Integrated codecs (the good the bad & the ugly)
Mplayer, VLC, Songbird & Amarok players with mp3 support
Mencoder, K9Copy, DeVeDE, DVD Shrink - dvd copying software.
Integrated Nvidia drivers (will work with other cards)
Automatix 2 & Automatix Bleeder (in case you want additional software)
Gaim beta 5 & plugins
GFTP - FTP Client
KVIrc - IRC Client
Additional Themes, icons, cursors & logins
EasyTag - MP3 Tag Editor
Inkscape - 2D vector drawing
Screem - HTML Editor
Gambas - Programing environment
QEMU & Kqemu Accelerator - Emulation
Screem - HTML Editor
Avidemux - Avi (divx /xvid) editor
GDesklets - Eyecandy & info
NTFS read / write support
Lamp - web server (Apache2, mysql, PHP5)
Azureus - P2P software
MS core Font's and extra fonts
Wine - Windows emulation (always newest version - through repo)
Alien - Allows installation of foriegn packages (RPM, suse etc)
Gobby Team programing software
Ksnapshot - Screen capture software
Google Picasa - Graphic editing software
Frostwire Pro - P2P software
Kolourpaint - Graphic editing software
Qcad - Autocad wannabe
Archive Suite - virtually any archive can be handled.
Ajunta IDE - Programing environment
Bluefish - HTML Editor
Glade - Interface designer
Bit Tornado - P2P Software
Amule - P2P software
Kino - Flick editor
Audacity - Sound editor
Debian Menu (pdmenu)
Dvdrip - Dvd ripping software
Democracy Player
Listen Media Manager
Ilinux (banshee)
Gnucash - Financial software
Aria - Download manager
Build Essentials and make utility's
Quanta Plus and extras - HTML Editor
Graveman - burning software
New Grub splash screen and animated "very pretty" boot up screen
Bum - Boot-up manager
Sum - Startup manager (newer improved version gtk and terminal based)
Istanbul - Live screen capture
Ghex - Hex editor
Gourmet - Recipe manager
Isomaster - CD / DVD ISO editor
GPHPEdit - PHP Editor
Kino - Clip editor
Aria - Download manager
Democracy - Movie streamer
ClamAV - Anti-virus software
Listen - Media manager
DVD|RIP - Dvd ripping software
Lifrea - RSS feed reader
Brasero - Disc burning tool
X-Chat - IRC Client
QDVDAuthor - DVD authoring software
SMP Support (dual core CPUS) / works with single core as well
121 Additional Updates
New Grub boot screen
New theme and animated bootscreen
New GDM theme
New splash screen & wallpaper
Updated Beryl
Capture card support - TVTime / ATI-All-in-wonder
Gaim Beta 6 - prebuilt with plugins.
GKRealm - Realtime hardware monitor
MGM - Moaning Goat Meter
Newer Amarok then can be obtained from edgy repos
Hardinfo - System information
GTKPod - Ipod Sync software
HTop - Process viewer
Sysinfo - System information
IPodder - Ipod sync software
XSensors - Hardware sensor software
Addition networking and wireless tools
Gpixpod - Photo sync software for Ipod
IPodslave - an iPod IO slave
Pisteyo pantos oti ean kapoios asxolithei ligo me to pc tou tha  
kataferei kati poli kalitero kai pio prosopiko.

Demetris Tsihlis

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> Γεια χαρά σε όλους!!!
> Μήπως κάποιος εχει εγαταστήσει το  
> UBUNTU ULTIMATA EDITION??? Από αυτά που διάβασα  
> στο softpedia πρέπει να ειναι κάποια  
> πλούσια εκδοση. Αν κάποιοσ το εχει  
> εγκαταστήσει ας ενημερώσει.
> Ευχαριστώ.
> -- 
> Argyriou Sokrates
> Technikal Satelite engenering
> Thesaloniki Greece
> -- 
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