weird output when restarting/shutting down

Charlie Luna contact at
Sat May 6 18:06:45 UTC 2017

hey gnome-sters! hehe, that's my petname for us ubuntu gnome users. got a weird issue going on. i changed wifi cards in my laptop a couple weeks ago and for some reason, i now get some disturbing output upon restart/shutdown but it's only when my wifi connection is being a problem. the wifi card i got is completely compatible with my laptop since i vetted the hardware and even got documentation from the manufacturer on the compatible models. i'm using an intel 3165 802.11ac + bluetooth 4.0 1x1 card. it replaces a realtek card that came in the laptop. i switched it out because intel has full linux support. 

some of the ouput shows some failures of some kind but it goes by so fast that i can't make out much of it and i've got no idea of how to get a terminal output to post here or on launchpad. 

i'm considering reinstalling ubuntu, the standard version, just for comparison reasons and perhaps sticking with it until the change back to the gnome desktop that's coming with 18.04. i love ubuntu gnome and if ubuntu still shows the same thing with my wifi being a problem, i'll switch back to gnome. but, the router i've got is brand new and supports 802.11ac with a dual channel setup like it should and it's really awesome when it's connected properly. granted the router is over 20 feet from my bedroom and there may be a lot of EMF exposure in here and i know distance, obstacles and emf is a problem for wifi signals.

so unleash your awesome knowledge unto me and advise me how to figure this out. ask any questions and maybe we can figure this out.

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