Ho enable password access to the live system

danjde at msw.it danjde at msw.it
Tue Jan 10 14:38:47 UTC 2017

Hi friends,
I'm building a custom live distro from my preferred OS Ubuntu/Xenial 
Gnome ;-)
 From GDM, I would enable the user password access and disable the 
I've found where make changes: on 

Here the code:

if [ -f $GDMCustomFile ]; then
     # Configure GDM autologin
     sed -i -r \
         -e "s/^#[ ]*AutomaticLoginEnable 
=.*\$/AutomaticLoginEnable=false/" \
         -e "s/^#[ ]*AutomaticLogin =.*\$/AutomaticLogin=$USERNAME/" \
     -e "s/^#[ ]*TimedLoginEnable =.*\$/TimedLoginEnable=false/" \

But another issue, related, should I change. In fact so, the live 
system, pauses in front of GDM, but clicking to the user go ahead 
without asking for the password.
Should I delete the cede line:

  -e "s/^#[ ]*AutomaticLogin =.*\$/AutomaticLogin=$USERNAME/" \

Or could you suggest me a better procedure?

Many many thanks!

Davide Marchi

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