Evolution-data-server (3.18.x) memory leak and possibility of using 3.20 in 16.04?

Khurshid Alam khurshid.alam at linuxmail.org
Sun Sep 18 16:31:53 UTC 2016


On 16.04, eds has huge memory leak. Each sub-process (basically all 
evolution-calendar-factory-subprocesses) starts consuming more than 
40mb after boot without anything configured and then can grow beyond 
100mb over time if you add google-calendar. Bug:  

This is also one of the reason of general high-memory-usage in 16.04 
for both shell and unity 

But on Yakkety I could not reproduce this which has eds-3.21.x. The 
memory usage is 5~8mb per process. So it got fixed somewhere between 
3.19 ~ 3.20, although I don't know which commit exactly did that and I 
doubt upstream will ever cherry-pick those patches for 3.18.

So this brings out the question, is it possible to upload eds-3.20 on 
16.04 as regular xenial-updates? "apt rdepends evolution-data-server" 
and "apt rdepends libical1a" only shows these applications which will 
require rebuild.

  Depends: gnome-shell (>= 3.17.2)
  Recommends: indicator-datetime
  Recommends: gnome-calendar
  Suggests: pidgin (>= 1.10.0)
  Depends: gnome-shell (>= 3.17.2)
  Recommends: gnome-panel
  Depends: evolution (<< 3.19)
  Depends: evolution (>= 3.18.5)
  Recommends: gnome-calendar
  Recommends: syncevolution-libs-gnome
  Suggests: pidgin (>= 1.10.0)
  Suggests: modem-manager-gui
  Depends: libjana-ecal0
  Depends: libfolks-eds25 (>= 3.2.0)
  Depends: evolution (>= 3.18.5)
  Depends: gnome-phone-manager
  Recommends: gnome-panel
  Depends: gnome-core (>= 3.12)
  Suggests: glabels
  Depends: evolution-rss (>= 3.18)
  Depends: evolution (<< 3.19)
  Depends: address-book-service (>= 3.12.11)
  Depends: ekiga-plugin-evolution
  Depends: bijiben
  Breaks: evolution-data-server-online-accounts (<< 3.8.3)
  Recommends: indicator-datetime
  Recommends: gnome-calendar
  Depends: evolution-data-server-dbg (= 3.18.5-1ubuntu1)

I am not sure about gnome-shell, but looking at debian/control they all 
can compile with eds-3.20.

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