Grub bug report

Narcis Garcia informatica at
Fri Mar 25 08:40:00 UTC 2016

I suppose the only thing to seem disappeared is GRUB's menu (hidden to
be more precise).

If you already boot to GNU/Linux (Ubuntu), the command "update-grub"
will rebuild menu's entries with plugged volumes that have operating

El 25/03/16 a les 08:12, Ty Young ha escrit:
> On 03/25/2016 01:58 AM, Tim wrote:
>> On 25/03/16 17:12, Ty Young wrote:
>>> I've personally never used update-grub before, so unless the command
>>> was given by an update, no.
>> Yes it will get triggered by system updates from time to time, so it
>> would be worth trying and see if breaks things. A reproducible bug is
>> much
>> better than one that says "things break after a random reboot"!
> Just update-grub? No special arguments/options? I'll try that tomorrow
> and see what happens.
> Yeah, sorry about that. I said that because I have no clue what could be
> causing it. I hadn't installed any grub updates in a long time and I've
> only recently upgraded the kernel to 4.5, the only times I would think
> update-grub would run.
> I swear this has happened without even installing updates before though.
> Guess I'll found out tomorrow when I run it...
>>> I run Windows 7 and Ubuntu Gnome on separate hard drives. I had
>>> unplugged the Windows 7 HDD for the boot-repair.
>>> Don't think so since it happens when restarting from Ubuntu Gnome and
>>> never from Windows 7 to Ubuntu Gnome if the option was there before
>>> restarting Ubuntu Gnome.
>> OK, its probably not from windows then
>>> If it matters any, I get a duplicate UEFI entry for Ubuntu, named
>>> after the hard drive model(Model: ST3750528AS). If i select it, the
>>> screen
>>> flashes blue and enters grub as normal(or looks normal, anyway).
>> I don't have any UEFI hardware still, so not entirely sure about this.
>> But I believe the UEFI entries are added by the OS, maybe you can use
>> efibootmgr to remove the dupe. No idea if this is causing your issues
>> though.

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