Grub bug report

Tim darkxst at
Fri Mar 25 06:58:26 UTC 2016

On 25/03/16 17:12, Ty Young wrote:
> I've personally never used update-grub before, so unless the command was given by an update, no.
Yes it will get triggered by system updates from time to time, so it would be worth trying and see if breaks things. A reproducible bug is much
better than one that says "things break after a random reboot"!
> I run Windows 7 and Ubuntu Gnome on separate hard drives. I had unplugged the Windows 7 HDD for the boot-repair.
> Don't think so since it happens when restarting from Ubuntu Gnome and never from Windows 7 to Ubuntu Gnome if the option was there before
> restarting Ubuntu Gnome.
OK, its probably not from windows then
> If it matters any, I get a duplicate UEFI entry for Ubuntu, named after the hard drive model(Model: ST3750528AS). If i select it, the screen
> flashes blue and enters grub as normal(or looks normal, anyway).
I don't have any UEFI hardware still, so not entirely sure about this. But I believe the UEFI entries are added by the OS, maybe you can use
efibootmgr to remove the dupe. No idea if this is causing your issues though.

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