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I second this,

a productive and intuitive alternative for proper communication is essential. We need to be connected to work more efficiently, all of us.

We need to be better in sync so we can immediately speak to one another and solve problems, answer requests et al.

Forget what is and what isn't proprietary, I don't think we're a house of criminals. Even I agree with Snowden, but this is not the time nor place to be concerned about anything; to argue about stuff like privacy and data collection, software freedom and what not.

Most services either aren't free or if they are they collect some data.

This is the world we live in. We need to work together more efficiently, so I vote for whatever is necessary to be more productive.

[Learn about how to protect yourself on the internet](

[Why it is important to encrypt your communications](
[An easy how-to guide to PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)](

Nothing ruins creativity like too many voices weighing in. We call it the Ice Cream Principle. Tell 10 people to go get ice cream with one condition: they all have to agree on one flavour. That flavour is going to be chocolate or vanilla every time. Groups of people don't agree on what's cool or interesting, they agree on what's easy to agree on.

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Any updates about this?

Has Slack been set up for Ubuntu GNOME? Are there any (unlimited + free) alternatives?

Ali has a point, Slack (and similar products) are just better for dealing with large teams, allowing natively to set up schedules, tasks, etc.

On 29 February 2016 at 07:36, Tim <darkxst at> wrote:

On 29/02/16 01:28, Jasper Backer wrote:
> If we're going to need anything like this, I would say Discourse is the best fit. How are other Ubuntu-based distro's handling this?
Discourse seems somewhat orthogonal to IRC/Chat platforms, I guess it would be a better substitute for mailing list/forum than replacing
real-time messaging.

Pretty much all of the flavours are still going the traditional way:
Mailing Lists
askubuntu + (we are not very active on these though, apart from maybe Lance!)
some flavours have a presence on reddit also
Ubuntu wiki
Launchpad for bug tracking and team management.

The community team did setup a discourse instance however it looks like that is going to discontiued now.

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