Tim darkxst at
Mon Feb 29 06:36:39 UTC 2016

On 29/02/16 01:28, Jasper Backer wrote:
> If we're going to need anything like this, I would say Discourse is the best fit. How are other Ubuntu-based distro's handling this? 
Discourse seems somewhat orthogonal to IRC/Chat platforms, I guess it would be a better substitute for mailing list/forum than replacing
real-time messaging.

Pretty much all of the flavours are still going the traditional way:
Mailing Lists
askubuntu + (we are not very active on these though, apart from maybe Lance!)
some flavours have a presence on reddit also
Ubuntu wiki
Launchpad for bug tracking and team management.

The community team did setup a discourse instance however it looks like that is going to discontiued now.

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