Narcis Garcia informatica at
Sun Feb 28 10:07:20 UTC 2016

The world is not black + white, but our right to decide our freedom is.
Why you aren't publishing Slack source code?
Will this question drive us to the two models discussion?

We are here for Ubuntu & Gnome projects, and the first principle is IT
freedom, not sparkly features.
Let's do a better community communication tool with FLOSS.
(or release Slack source code as FLOSS)

El 28/02/16 a les 10:53, Tim ha escrit:
> On 28/02/16 20:39, Narcis Garcia wrote:
>> I don't understand why we discussing here about changing free software
>> model by privative software model.
> We are not talking about changing the software model.
>> Tim, I feel that this list is intended to a (composed) FLOSS project and
>> its growing with this model, and not for proprietary proposals
>> discussing advantadges of privative software model.
> Ubuntu GNOME is fully FLOSS, and always will be, but I see little reason to disqualify proprietry services that can help out our project, purely
> on political/freedom grounds
>> You can create a Slack channel called something like
>> "floss-vs-proprietary" and invite people to thiscuss this subject there,
>> and not here.
>> Here it's becoming like discussing football advantadges in a chess
>> factory mailing list. We've already decided to contribute and grow FLOSS
>> model.
> You do realise that many of the big proprietry service providers are heavy contributors to the open source world right? my email provider
> commits all their changes to cyrus (email server) but the service is proprietry. Crossover are the top contributors to Wine, yet its a
> proprietry product. Apple maintain Webkit which is used by quite a few GNOME apps. Yet you will notice that most of these are under BSD/MIT type
> more permissive licenses, the world is not black + white like Stallman might have you believe.
>> FLOSS community can be wrong, but many people have already taken a
>> decision about their freedom. Contrary to this, most of proprietary
>> software&services users hadn't the opportunity to take same decision
>> about their freedom.
>> El 28/02/16 a les 10:06, Usama Akkad ha escrit:
>>> I asked a question: for now to see what is going on with Ubuntu Gnome we
>>> visit this link.
>>> no registration required, publicly visible and indexed by search engines.
>>> How communication in Slack would be compared to that?
>>> On 28-02-2016 00:34, Tim wrote:
>>>> On 27/02/16 22:11, Usama Akkad wrote:
>>>>> Will slack allow more communications to be hidden from the public too?
>>>>> If so this is another thing that we should use try to avoid. 
>>>> How did you come to that conclusion? We are not trying to hide communications, more the opposite, to make it easier for new comers to catch up
>>>> on things.

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