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Hi everybody,

I just installed ubuntu gnome to a friend who doesnt speak english and is not familiar with the command line but I did the whole installation in english and then tried to add the language german and just switch it... so i went to system settings and ohh surprise, there is no way to add a new language. it is the same problem described here:

I checked online and there are some workarounds:

1. install the   language-selector-gnome as explained here my friend is not really interested in using the command line as she has no technical background and just need to use a simple friendly GUI
2. install other ubuntu distribution and then gnome desktop... it is also possible but it takes more time... one of the best things of linux in general is that one an have a running machine in less than 30 mins.... so i also prefer another option. not to say that she was very very concern with the amazon stuff that ubuntu includes 
i have alway thought that ubuntu (in all its flavours) is a great choice for people with no technical knowledge... and it is an easy OS to use and gives the people the possibility to be free... but when I find this small things all my speech falls into the floor...
my question now is... is there any plan of including this in the next update of ubuntu gnome? is there a bug report already? can i do something?
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