[Personal] Financial Problem

Patrik Bubák bubapa at protonmail.ch
Thu Feb 4 11:18:55 UTC 2016

Kinda the same, seems like I'm not the only one to start this year awful as hell.

I too have to pull my shizzle together since I had to return to my home country earlier than expected, so am busy with looking for a job and moving on, hopefully to a better chapter in another country again.

Progress on work that I was on to may be delayed, not sure to what extent, just so you guys know.

Good luck Ali with solving your issues. May the force be with us.

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I'm silent because the subject of this email is saying it all.

I'll be back to action once I solve this highly important and critical problem.

I've been silent all that time for the very same reason. Thinking I might be able to solve it but still nothing as of now.

Deeply sorry for letting anyone down. Please forgive me ...

Thank you!
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