Ubuntu-GNOME Installation

Don donohio53 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 00:58:08 UTC 2016

Short note to thank the UG team.  I used to use UbuntuGNOME 15.10.  When
16.04 was released I could not install it on my system.  It would just lock
at the point where I selected that I wanted to install the system, right
when one selects if one wants various codex to also be installed.  Then the
symbol would just sit and spin and nothing further would happen.

I could install by doing an automatic installation from 15.10, that worked
well.  Somehow, I tried the standard installation again and got stuck one
more time, and just moved on to another Ubuntu family distro.  When I
learned that 15.04.1 had been released, I burned an .iso copy and gave it
another attempt.  This time I met with complete success!  So wanted to
thank you for finding this hitch in the installer, and making the return to
Ubuntu-GNOME possible again for me.  I don't have old equipment or anything
exotic, just a dependable system which seems to allow most any system that
I try.

So thanks to the team for the fix.  I am back to using Ubuntu-GNOME again.

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