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Fri Apr 22 05:16:59 UTC 2016

Welcome Claude!

A writer ey? I think we could use a pair of hands in the Marketing Team to manage our social media pages.

Hop in to Slack and we'll have a chat.

Patrik Bubák
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Hi Ubuntu GNOME team.

My name is Claude Champagne. You might have seen some of my posts to help other users on G+ and sometimes on Facebook.

I'm just a regular user who loves Linux and particulary Ubuntu GNOME. I speak french and english.

In regular life, I'm a fiction writer for about 20 years.

I love all tech related stuff.

I've been using and promoting Ubuntu GNOME since version 15.04 (Also a Mac user and seldom a Windows user.)

I wish to contribute more to the project because I believe in the force of community.

Where can I help ?

I can translate in french. I I can spread the words. Help with Facebook, G+ and Twitter accounts. I can report bugs. Help users. I have little experience in WordPress (simple online tools.) Write tutorials. Maybe in video.

So here it is.

Looking forward to hear from you and wishing you all the best.
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