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On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 10:20 AM, Ali/amjjawad <amjjawad at gnome.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
Hi again,

> Beta 2 (Final Beta) images should be here:
> http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/346/builds
> For more details, please check the below forwarded email from Adam Conrad
> :)

Adam (infinity) has done a re-spin for all the images:

Please re-do a quick test once the new images/builds are ready :)

> I'll be ON and OFF today because I'm not feeling well. I'll be on IRC. If
> I won't reply, it means I'm not around the keyboard :)

My health isn't getting better. Dizziness and something is wrong with my
eyes and hand. So, I'm on and off on IRC. In case I will not reply, it
means I'm AFK.

> Happy Testing!
> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-gnome/2015-September/003525.html
Please, don't forget to test. We don't have much time left.

I had a quick chat about:

<amjjawad> Hello infinity, any idea about this bug 1462688?
> <ubot93> bug 1462688 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubi-timezone failed exit code 1
> error when installing UbuntuStudio Wily-15.10 32bit version"
> [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1462688
> <amjjawad> infinity, for my testing, I can finish the installation
> normally by clicking "continue anyway" and it works. It seems some other
> people are having problems with that and some other can't see it. It's
> alive even before beta 1
> -queuebot/#ubuntu-release- Builds: Lubuntu Alternate amd64 [Wily Beta 2]
> has been updated (20150924)
> -queuebot/#ubuntu-release- Builds: Lubuntu Alternate i386 [Wily Beta 2]
> has been updated (20150924)
> -queuebot/#ubuntu-release- Builds: Lubuntu Alternate powerpc [Wily Beta 2]
> has been updated (20150924)
> * sergiusens (~sergiusen at has joined #ubuntu-release
> <infinity> cyphermox: ^
> <cyphermox> oh, that's new
> <cyphermox> (well, not really, but hey)
> <cyphermox> amjjawad: what timezone did you pick?
> -queuebot/#ubuntu-release- Builds: Ubuntu Server amd64 [Wily Beta 2] has
> been updated (20150924)
> -queuebot/#ubuntu-release- Builds: Ubuntu Server i386 [Wily Beta 2] has
> been updated (20150924)
> -queuebot/#ubuntu-release- Builds: Ubuntu Server powerpc [Wily Beta 2] has
> been updated (20150924)
> -queuebot/#ubuntu-release- Builds: Ubuntu Server ppc64el [Wily Beta 2] has
> been updated (20150924)
> <amjjawad> hi cyphermox, I see it 'before' selecting anytime zone. And,
> when I choose "continue anyway", everything is fine after that and my
> installation did not crash.
> <cyphermox> I already did some of the work to add the zone bits for
> Pyongyang time but it was still incomplete, and no matter what I did I
> couldn't reproduce the crash
> <cyphermox> amjjawad: did you have a network connection when you did the
> install?
> <cyphermox> in case that changes anything
> <amjjawad> cyphermox, yes, I am on +10GMT
> <amjjawad> cyphermox, testing actually on Oracle Virtualbox 5.0.2
> <cyphermox> oh, but I mean, were you online, as detected by ubiquity at
> the beginning?
> <amjjawad> cyphermox, Oracle Virtualbox will use your connection no matter
> what it is. So yes, I am connected to the internet or to be more accurate,
> the virtual machine is connected to the internet and my time zone is +10 gmt
> <cyphermox> ok
> <cyphermox> thanks. this might make a difference
> <amjjawad> cyphermox, you're welcome. From your Q, I assume the crash will
> happen when the machine is offline?!
> <ianorlin> cyphermox: would trying to reproduce this in a kvm vm be
> helpful?
> <cyphermox> ianorlin: of course
> <cyphermox> I tried already, couldn't find what to do to make it show up
> <cyphermox> I would never get the crash, but picking the north korea
> timezone also wasn't completely reacting properly.
> <cyphermox> amjjawad: I wonder if it might *not* happen if the machine is
> offline.
> <cyphermox> in case it has anything to do with the codepaths when the
> timezone is automatically detected
> <amjjawad> cyphermox, do you want me to test it while the machine is
> offline?
> <cyphermox> up to you
> <cyphermox> I'll get back to this in the morning, it's getting pretty late
> to dig in ubiquity :)
> <amjjawad> once the new builds for Ubuntu GNOME are ready, I'll try that
> and see what will happen :)

Just though to keep you updated.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Adam Conrad <adconrad at ubuntu.com>
> Date: Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 9:45 AM
> Subject: Wily Werewolf (15.10) Final Beta Freeze
> To: ubuntu-devel-announce at lists.ubuntu.com
> Cc: ubuntu-release at lists.ubuntu.com
> As of about ten minutes ago, wily has entered the final beta freeze,
> with a goal of releasing Final Beta images sometime late Thursday.
> The queue freeze will last from now until final release in October,
> which means that all seeded packages will now need a spot-check and
> review in the queue from a release team member before they are let
> into the archive.
> As with the previous releases, we have a bot in place that will accept
> uploads that are unseeded and don't affect images.  Don't take this as
> an open invitation to break Feature Freeze on those components, this
> is just to reduce the burden on the release team, so we only review the
> uploads that need very serious consideration.  If you find the bot is
> blocking an upload that you think should have been auto-accepted, let
> us know and we'll sort it out.
> I will be spinning a set of beta candidates right now which I encourage
> people to get to testing ASAP for their favourite flavour(s), but do
> expect at least one respin tomorrow for the newer kernel and gcc, at
> the very least.
> Happy bughunting from now until the final release, and please do help
> out and test ISOs, netboot, etc, where you can and let us know what's
> broken in your environment(s).
> On behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team,
> Adam Conrad
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Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."

Best Regards,
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