Highest version attainable for 14.04.x?

Tim darkxst at fastmail.fm
Sat Sep 19 01:24:49 UTC 2015

On 19/09/15 04:59, Patrik Bubák wrote:
> Hey all,
> I'd need to know which version is possible to reach with an upgrade on 14.04.3? 3.12? Or have there been efforts to port newer gnome stacks to
> the LTS.
3.12 is on the gnome3-staging PPA, however it is unsupported now, so probably best to stick with 3.10 if you want to remain on the LTS.

back ports really aren't feasible, it would require updating loads of core libraries, at which point you may as well just use the current stable
release, because that is essentially what you would end up with anyway if one was to backport the GNOME stack!

> Thanks in advance!
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