Encrypting with Evolution *Off Topic*

Leo Francisco lists at boywithwings.co.uk
Wed Sep 16 15:57:10 UTC 2015

I know, this sucks. Especially if your password is 30 random characters
that has to be copy and pasted from Keepassx.
It is something to do with security so that programs don't request root
for tasks without the user knowing?

On 16/09/15 16:11, Paul Smith wrote:
> I've tried Thunderbird a few times and I just prefer Evo.  The only
> really serious problem I have is the utterly inane way Gnome deals with
> password requests, popping up a modal dialog that blocks your entire
> desktop.  This is the single stupidest design decision since Clippy, but
> it's not Evo's fault.

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