Encrypting with Evolution

Patrik Bubák bubapa at privacyrequired.com
Tue Sep 15 08:41:47 UTC 2015

Thanks but that's not what I needed to know. I'll clarify a bit:

I wanted to test out my encryption following this tutorial, but I
couldn't exchange encrypted emails with Edward the bot, because I was
unable to send him my public key in a way he would recognize, since
Evolution doesn't have the Enigmail plug-in or equivalent that I would
know of.

Moreover there's no proper tutorial on the net on getting encryption
work in Evolution apart from the basic stuff. I understand, that in
order for it to get working I need the other party's public key, but
then again where/how do I store it? Evolution doesn't seem to be as
advanced in this as Thunderbird, or am I wrong?

On Mon, 2015-09-14 at 12:19 -0500, Herminio Hernandez Jr. wrote:
> Not video but should help
> https://help.gnome.org/users/evolution/stable/mail-encryption.html.en
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> On Sep 14, 2015, at 10:48 AM, Patrik Bubák
> <bubapa at privacyrequired.com> wrote:
> > Anyone here using Evolution with PGP? I managed to get it to sign my
> > emails, but I cannot seem to get it to encrypt messages and would
> > need advice/direction to some sort of (video preferably) tutorial.
> > 
> > Thanks in advance.
> > 
> > 

Learn about how to protect yourself on the internet
Why it is important to encrypt your communications
An easy how-to guide to PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)

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