Gnome calendar?

Bruce Pieterse dev at
Thu Sep 3 15:39:50 UTC 2015

On 02/09/2015 22:24, mailing list wrote:
> I have tried using gnome-online-accounts to sync to a gmail account
> mainly for the calendar but can't get it to work. Email, contacts synced
> ok but evolution comes up with an error 'authentication required' with
> the calendar.
> I thought I would try gnome-calendar but it isn't in the repos.
> Has anyone any idea how to get evolution to work or how to get gnome
> calendar?
> thanks

If you need a calender app for vivid and previous releases you can use 
California by Yorba[0]. For me it works well for Owncloud integration 
with Gnome Online Accounts, but I can't confirm Google Calendar.


Hope that helps.
All the best,


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