[Ubuntugnome-qa] Ubuntu Gnome 15.10 Bugs

Tim darkxst at fastmail.fm
Fri Oct 23 01:56:48 UTC 2015

On 23/10/15 17:27, Ty Young wrote:
> On 10/21/2015 11:21 PM, Tim wrote:
>> The best way to file bugs is use 'ubuntu-bug <package-name>', its not so easy to keep track of bugs reported on the mailing list!
> I know, sorry. I've never reported a bug before and provided the necessary information(logs) for it by myself. Does ubuntu-bug get the
> necessary log(and other information) files for the specified package?
Yes, it collects all the relevant logs
>> Do you dual boot with windows? standard or UEFI bios? This really sounds like it could a config error for grub on your system, do you see this
>> on a clean install or only happening on upgraded system?
> Nope. Windows is installed on its own separate 1TB HDD while Ubuntu Gnome is on a 750GB HDD. BIOS is UEFI and a clean install because... well,
> i assumed that the entire OS was messed up before when it was just grub.
It could be related to UEFI, best to just file a bug.
>> So far as I know the Open Source support for the 750Ti is still rather immature, this is most likely a bug in nouvea for that specific card,
>> unless anyone else has seen it with older hardware.
> I don't think this is the case since this wasn't an issue in 14.04.X that i can remember.
750Ti did not have hardware 3d Accelleration until 15.04 (14.04.3 if you have the HWE installed) Prior to that is was using llvmpipe (software

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