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Tue Oct 20 10:00:43 UTC 2015

Will do Ali, later today. I was thinking about it already, but have something now.

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Subject: Hosting Ubuntu GNOME website
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Hi all,
While everyone knows we're an official flavour of Ubuntu and that Canonical is helping and supporting us with several things, I think it's also good to know that we have limited access/authority over our website.

Technically, it should be our website and our own responsibility.

While I appreciate the endless support from Ubuntu's side, we also need to have full control over our website.

As per the attached screenshot, I can't even update the website :(

I'd highly suggest to find another host. Not sure what shall we miss if we'll go that path but all what I know is we shall gain more control and be more free to do whatever we want.

Also, that means the job of the marketing team would be much easier. We all know, I suppose, that we're working on a NEW website .. not sure when it will be ready though .. and if we shall not host our website on somewhere else, it might take even more time to have a new website.

What do you think?
Is there anyone who can help us?
Or should we live with the old website and the same hosting?!

Thank you :)

A bit off-topic
@Alfredo and @Patrick
Could you please send me the new artwork so I can update the website? it is not nice to release 15.10 while the old logo is showing up on our website.


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