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Tue Oct 20 05:19:36 UTC 2015

Hi guys,

I am an ISP and would be happy to Host the Ubuntu GNOME website. Would this
include the download files as well?

Take Care

Selwyn Orren
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> Hi all,
> While everyone knows we're an official flavour of Ubuntu and that
> Canonical is helping and supporting us with several things, I think it's
> also good to know that we have limited access/authority over our website.
> Technically, it should be our website and our own responsibility.
> While I appreciate the endless support from Ubuntu's side, we also need to
> have full control over our website.
> As per the attached screenshot, I can't even update the website :(
> I'd highly suggest to find another host. Not sure what shall we miss if
> we'll go that path but all what I know is we shall gain more control and be
> more free to do whatever we want.
> Also, that means the job of the marketing team would be much easier. We
> all know, I suppose, that we're working on a NEW website .. not sure when
> it will be ready though .. and if we shall not host our website on
> somewhere else, it might take even more time to have a new website.
> What do you think?
> Is there anyone who can help us?
> Or should we live with the old website and the same hosting?!
> Thank you :)
> P.S.
> A bit off-topic
> @Alfredo and @Patrick
> Could you please send me the new artwork so I can update the website? it
> is not nice to release 15.10 while the old logo is showing up on our
> website.
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