Latest updates to Wily and Xenial, GNOME 3.19 on its way and more goodies

Patrik Bubák bubapa at
Wed Nov 25 08:57:35 UTC 2015

Greetings everyone!

with the restructuring of our teams a new team was formed - the marketing team, whose role (amongst others) is to report on progress made on Ubuntu GNOME.

Our social media channels have been withering for some time now, and we concluded it would be in our best interest to utilize their reach to keep our users in the loop on what's going on, how we're doing and what progress has been made recently, but also to prevent misinformation that sometimes third parties spread, mainly by trying to post early in order to get more clicks.

It was pointed out to us (thanks Tim!) that it would be best to include a copy of the latest notes here, on our mailing list, for everyone.

Below are the latest updates from our developers:

- gdm packaging and binaries have been migrated to gdm3, all to match Debian, which is a change unnoticeable for casual users, but advanced users may like this change (packages, binaries, services and configurations all now use gdm3 instead of gdm)

- we were aware, that the Live Session on Daily Builds was broken for a few days as the above migrated through, with last night's build that's fixed now

- gnome-calendar and gnome-logs have both been added and gnome-system-log has been removed

- gnome-builder is now available to install from Xenial archives

- although the wily/gnome3-staging PPA has been declared stable for a while now, today we're declaring it stable and safe for usage officially

- GNOME 3.19 will be on its way to xenial/gnome3-staging PPA shortly, bear in mind that packages from this repository are considered unstable and only for experienced users

- any GNOME 3.18 bits left in xenial/gnome3-staging will be copied to xenial/gnome3 PPA before we start breaking things!

For media inquirires please contact ubuntugnome-marketing at

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