Totem 3.16.4-0ubuntu2: No gear menu under Gnome-Shell

Khurshid Alam khurshid.alam at
Wed Nov 18 08:35:56 UTC 2015

Hi Tim,

On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 12:41 PM, Tim <darkxst at> wrote:

Totem doesnt have a gear menu, preferences are in the app menu (click totem
> in the top bar);/

Weird. I still couldn't find that. For me, the topbar app menu, you speak
of,  only has one item: "quit", Screenshot: .

There is no local app-menu either. On the headerbar, totem has following
buttons: 1:) a "plus button", 2) a video/channels tab, 3) and on the right
side search & video selection button. Screenshot:

BTW, I installed gnome-shell using apt-get as I always do.Could this be the
reason? However other Gnome-Apps (eog, nautilus) behave properly without
any problem.

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