Installing Ubuntu-Gnome on an Acer V5-171 Notebook win 10.

Erick Brunzell lbsolost at
Sat Nov 7 15:16:12 UTC 2015

Good morning Nick,

On 11/07/2015 01:19 AM, Nick Els wrote:
> I'm not able to get the Ubuntu-Gnome setup to run from the USB stick.
> I've disabled UEFI in the bios and disabled windows 10 fast start feature.
> when selecting the USB stick as the boot source then the boot source 
> is being accessed the screen changes to black with the cursor sitting 
> at the top left blinking - nothing happens, even waiting for 5 minutes.
> Installed the stick using unetbootin-windows-613
> Any suggestions, help will be appreciated.
> Thank you

Before giving any installation advice we should know the answers to 
these questions:

(1) Is this going to be a dual-boot with Windows? If so Ubuntu should be 
installed in the same "mode" (UEFI or BIOS) as Windows. But there are 
also other caveats to consider. Always back up any important data just 
in case the absolute worst happens.

(2) Which version of Ubuntu are you trying to install? You may find 
Trusty to be more stable and/or suitable with that hardware than Wily.

(3) Have you run the "Check disc for errors" boot option from the 
advanced boot menu:

The boot screen looks different if booting in UEFI mode:

There are some other hints about installing in UEFI mode at that link. 
You may also find some good hints here:

Or here:

BTW the forums might be a more efficient place to request installation help.

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