Two grueling weeks of milestone testing ahead

Erick Brunzell lbsolost at
Sat Feb 14 02:48:50 UTC 2015

Hi everyone. First of all I've noticed a couple of new team members 
introduced themselves in recent days and I'd been too busy to reply to 
each one, so let me take this moment to say welcome aboard. We can 
certainly always use a helping hand with any number of tasks. I would 
make note of one thing, if you've only been posting to ubuntu-gnome at you may also want to subscribe to the QA mailing list:

We tend to get a little more gritty here as milestones approach. If my 
calendar is correct we have two such milestones upon us right now. The 
previously delayed 14.04.2 (second point release of Trusty LTS) should 
be due for release next Thursday February 19th, and only one week later 
Vivid Beta 1 should be released on Thursday February 26th.

Based on recent previous test cycles that would mean crucial iso-testing 
dates for 14.04.2 are Tuesday February 17th and Wednesday February 18th, 
but it's not uncommon to still be performing tests into the wee hours of 
the morning on the actual release date. Likewise crucial testing dates 
for Vivid Beta 1 are probably Tuesday February 24th and Wednesday 
February 25th.

So any help would be greatly appreciated. If you can't test on those 
specific dates, even testing prior to those dates would be helpful, 
although the Trusty (14.04.2) images are still frozen at 20150203 so 
there is really nothing to test in regards to Trusty until Canonical 
begins to re-spin their Trusty images.

Please give a shout if you have any questions and I'm sure someone will 
try to answer them.


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