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Andrés Muñiz Piniella a75576 at
Wed Aug 12 13:25:49 UTC 2015

El 12 de agosto de 2015 08:39:30 CEST, Tim <darkxst at> escribió:
>On 12/08/15 16:35, Bruce Pieterse wrote:
>> On 12/08/2015 08:31, Narcis Garcia wrote:
>>> Does anybody know if there is some setting that allows to disable
>>> screen curtain?
>>> When Gnome3 locks screen, some people asks me to not need 3 steps to
>>> 1. Move mouse or keyboard
>>> 2. Lift curtain  <- To avoid
>>> 3. Write password
>> As for as I know you can't disable it. But you can start typing
>> away and the curtain will automatically slide up.
>Well you can do that, but if the screen wasn't actually locked (and
>just blanked by power savings), you end up typing your password into
>focused app!

That's a good point! 

I think once while I was testing lxde/gnome/unity all at once I managed to have the lxde login screen and later boot into gnome. But I do not recommend it. Big mess. But maybe if done properly?

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