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Hi Charlie,

On Fri, Jul 31, 2015 at 7:12 PM, Charlie Moss <charlie at>

> Thank you for your feedback. It has become clear to me over the past few
> weeks that I am not suited to contribute to an Ubuntu community.

I have already sent you a long email (private) but it seems that one was
useless and helpless so here is another public one this time. Not to
embarrass you or anything, no. But to help you + help anyone here who think
he's useless and/or not helpful.

You remind me of myself, back in 2009.
I was dying to be accepted by Ubuntu Forums community. I failed and gave up
because I was so rude and I was so stupid to think I am Mr. Know everything
and the rest know nothing.

In 2010, I realized that what I did was super wrong and I must accept the
challenge and force myself to start a new page.

The result was:

I became an active contributor to Ubuntu Forums.

In 2011, I realized my ambitions had no limits to had to step in and join
another project. It was Lubuntu.

It was the toughest challenge. When you ask nicely for someone to help you
to create your very first Wiki Page and he refuses that, it is like a slap
on the face of a newcomer. It is not about being rude, but about how to
deal with a newcomer. The reason I invested my entire energy to challenge
the entire world and become a community leader/builder is that. Being
rejected. I would never ever allow that to happen to anyone else under my
watch. I know how painful it is. So, I will help people to be like me.
Leaders. Leaders empower others. They help them to be better and stronger.
This is my ultimate joy in life. To be a smile on others' faces. That's my
message and my job in this life. Call me crazy, so what? I enjoy doing so.

What was the key?

Ah, tons of challenges, I did not only passed these, but I even surpassed
my own mentor :) He is no longer can cope with me and that's because I
accepted the challenge and didn't run away nor I did give up.

The secret gate is:

Do not aim for success if you want it. Just do what you love and believe
in, and success will come naturally.

Will you accept the challenge, Charlie?

> My enthusiasm to give back to Ubuntu Gnome has not changed,

Do not tell me, show me :)

> I simply find the system of communication, IRC and Mailing Lists, totally
> ineffective and inefficient.

That's because you misunderstand (maybe) the point. I'd share another
experience of mine. When I joined Lubuntu, the mailing list was active and
I was so confused and couldn't catch up with emails nor topics. What I did
was: I only engage with topics I know I can learn from or be helpful to. DO
NOT reply each and every email. That will drain your entire energy and will
suck up all your positive ones and replace that with negative/bad energy
and this is an overkill and could make you sick. Trust me, I've been there.

> It is nearly impossible for a new person to get involved,

You're wrong about that.
Find one and only task you do love and start doing it. Do not wait for an
invite. Do not talk too much. Do and share what you have done. I do like to
learn the hard way but not sure about you. Which way you prefer? the long
hard way or the short easy way? easy come, easy go ;)

> as a topic's timeline is often divided when emails are forked, plus it is
> easy to miss a message when they are inserted into the text of the previous
> email, making catch up very time-consuming.

Again, do not read each and every email. That will not help you to get
started. This will make it even worse.

Another tip/advice: do follow the emails you send only at the beginning.
Ignore the rest. Do not worry, we usually post the major changes on the big
news on our website and share that on the social media channels :)

> I'm sure if I suggested using 'Slack' I would be ignored or receive a list
> of reasons why it was not suitable,

While it is not broken, don't waste time/energy to fix it ;)

> but for me, video communication like Hangouts

We haven't yet used Hangout one single time here. We instead use IRC.

This project survived with only very few official public meetings. I've
been here for 2 years and we did a lot using the mailing list. Why do you
think we managed to do that while you can't? you can if you want to learn
how to do that. Maybe you were knocking the wrong door? it is not the end
of the world. Do not give up!

> and threaded text communication like Slack are presently the most
> effective systems of collaboration.

I use Gmail and I have threads instead of individual emails.
I use the web interface.

> Good luck to you all.  I looking forward to October and the release of
> Ubuntu Gnome 15.10.

You're part of the family, Charlie and my offer to you is still valid. Do
accept the challenge and step up as a team leader of Ubuntu GNOME HR

I'll help you personally to achieve that. Yet, another free offer ;)

> I hope it will have Gnome 3.18 as this is clearly more important to users
> than 100% stability. If a user requires 100% stability, then they must
> remain with the LTS.

It is not as easy as that, sadly.

> Regards,
> *Charlie*

Thank you!

Charlie, I am sure you'll see 'new' stuff in here after reading my email
above ;)

Show me what you're made of and I'm here to help!

> On 30 July 2015 at 08:01, Tim <darkxst at> wrote:
>> On 29/07/15 21:29, Charlie Moss wrote:
>> > Cool, I'll be there.
>> >
>> > (Tim/Darkxst. 'Contribute' may seem so clear and simple to you but to
>> me, as some new to such a community, it doesn't.)
>> There is no clear cut definition of 'contribute' and it largely depends
>> on which team you are interested in. Most teams you can just join and
>> discuss your intests/ideas on their relevant list. Anyway you seem to
>> have been fairly active on the mailing lists so that is a good start!
>> Sorry I missed you original thread about video docs, I will reply to that
>> now.
>> Tim
>> >
>> > Regards,
>> > *
>> > *
>> > *Charlie*
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > On 29 July 2015 at 11:53, Tim <darkxst at <mailto:
>> darkxst at>> wrote:
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >     On 29/07/15 20:22, Charlie Moss wrote:
>> >     > I know that I am not part of the core team (or any team as I have
>> not found the secret entrance yet) so will not be invited to this meeting.
>> >     All our meetings are public if you want to attend, then just do
>> that, no invite needed. as for the secret entrance to get into the
>> sub-teams,
>> >     its simple contribute!
>> >
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Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."

Best Regards,
Ali/amjjawad <>

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