Live-CD in Qemu

Tim darkxst at
Mon Apr 27 07:53:54 UTC 2015

On 27/04/15 17:26, Narcis Garcia wrote:
> I've tried to boot 15.04 Live-CD (current i386 release) in a Qemu
> virtual machine, but desktop doesn't seem to load (reimains in text
> console).
I just tested in gnome-boxes, and it booted fine, that uses QEMU but via virt-manager, not directly. However both QEMU and KVM use software
rendering which can be a bit laggy, if you don't have a powerful CPU. VMware and Virtualbox both other 3D support, which will help greatly on
single core/lower power CPU's. VMware is the closest you will get to real hardware, but if you just evaluating it before upgrading its probably
best to boot the live cd on your real machine.
> Some Dmesg messages:
> ...
> [    3.281258] ACPI PCC probe failed.
> ...
> [    3.281752] mce: Unable to init device /dev/mcelog (rc: -5)
> ...
> [    8.500840] systemd[1]: [/lib/systemd/system/casper.service:10]
> Failed to parse input specifier, ignoring: force-tty
> ...
> [   10.542073] 8139cp 0000:00:03.0 eth0: link up, 100Mbps, full-duplex,
> lpa 0x05E1
> Is something special needed to run it in a virtual machine?

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