Ubuntu-GNOME Digest, Vol 16, Issue 33

Selwyn Orren selwyn at linuxweb.co.za
Mon Jun 30 11:32:58 UTC 2014


I have also been a member of this list for sometime. Being an ubuntu
convert for many year now (If i remember I started with Ubuntu 8.10 as my
first distro that I moved to permanently.

I am an ex graphic Designer and now currently run a hosting company all
running ubuntu Gnome and Centos Machines.

I really do love the suggestions as put forward by Amaro. Its also been
difficult for me to understand all the lingo etc. Even posting on these
message boards has been very difficult for me.

Anyway Greetings to all from South Africa

Selwyn Orren | +27 72 270 9321 | +27 86 218 6897 | skype: selwynorren |
http://www.linuxweb.co.za | selwyn at linuxweb.co.za |

On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 4:27 AM, Amaro Guerra <am.guerra at hotmail.es> wrote:

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> Today's Topics:
>    1. Communications, Ubuntu GNOME team.
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Hi, this is my first contribution to this mailing list. I joined the
> Ubuntu GNOME marketing & communications team for two reasons; I'm an Ubuntu
> lover since 2008, and, I have knowledge in marketing and I would like to
> help out, contribute, and push forward the operating system I use.
> The problem is, I joined, I started to receive the mailing list, but as
> beginner it has been a bit complicated to follow the conversations, give
> some help to others... I've been a bit lost.
> One aim of the communication & marketing team is to recruit new members,
> but why? Is not enough? or maybe it's happening that some new members join
> Ubuntu GNOME, and seeing the 'mess' and the lack of help to be introduced,
> they are not able to give their help at all...
> Maybe is only my case, but a possible solution to solve this, create an
> stronger developer's community around Ubuntu GNOME, and transform bank
> members into active and helpful ones, is to change the way the people is
> accepted and introduced in the teams. I can give an idea, I would like to
> hear more or even somebody telling me that I'm wrong and that is only
> happening to me.. but implementing a -brotherhood- system (or your
> favourite name), where any new member is introduced by an old one, taught
> the basics, and supported in the first steps could be a good improvement,
> having a more efficient, quick to learn, active, and supportive team. The
> 'masters' can easily delegate simple tasks, and the organization can be
> more flexible. Maybe I'm purposing this idea because I really don't know
> what about is all of this. Anyway, I think is a good debate to be
> considered, related with the internal communication.
> Best regards, Amaro.
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