Ubuntu gnome 14.04

eddie mrcyberfighter at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 08:57:21 UTC 2014

Hello to all the gnome community,

First i will tell you how i find Ubuntu Gnome 14.04.

I was very satisfy with 13.10 just a little bug from kate, fixed by 
installing the editor from the source and the ergonomie of the desktop 
was super.

I get the same felling about 14.04 but i get upset for having the 
content of my /home directory on my desktop with all folders and files, 
it lake the hidden files...

i think that a home folder represent my house where i order my files 
every one in the
appropriate folder and in my house i had a room with a thrash and a 
desktop where i can work and not have all the mess inside...

I don't know if it happens after installing a gnome-shell extension or 
if it is per default.

Else Ubuntu gnome need to evolute to get maturity and fix some bugs and 
is a super distribution.

Thanks for the work to given us an OS who don't pretend to be a perfect 
b!tch and whose code is open event if it is hard to work with the kernel 
source, and with many virusless, for free.
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