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Sun Jun 15 16:14:56 UTC 2014

This is urgent so please pay attention ...

On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 9:51 AM, Ali/amjjawad <amjjawad at> wrote:

> Dear Team Leaders and everyone else involved,
Hi there,

> My bad, it took me 6 days to send this (was super busy and also sick
> lately) but hope I'm not too late :)

I don't know what is wrong ... time is flying and this has taken SO LONG
time :(

> As per:
> Sent on 8th of May, 2014 ... we do need a meeting (maybe more) to discuss
> the blueprints and get these approved and then start the 3rd phase
> (implementation).

I feel super bad because this has taken so long - my apology.

I call for a meeting tomorrow if possible to discuss the blueprints:

These are the blueprints for Utopic Unicorn.

> Friday is the only day that I force myself to stay away from keyboard.
> Yeah, I know it is Friday now but this is urgent.
> Do I have to choose the day and time? or shall we go through the painful
> process of choosing that? :D
> Those who can't attend can always refer back either to the log in case of
> IRC or the YouTube link in case of Google Hangout (my favorite ever).
> I know the only one that is hard to catch up with is Tim due to the time
> zone pain. But this is not mission impossible ;) we can find a good time
> for all of us :)

I know I just sent this link on a previous email:

but this is an urgent meeting and I suggest to do it tomorrow if possible.

> There are some thoughts in mind that I need to add ... hopefully before
> the meeting, I can update all the blueprints created.
> @Everyone
> Please do NOT register any blueprint as of now. Once the main ones got
> approved, feel free to register anything and I shall let you know 'when'
> you can do that.
> The planning phase is done by the leaders/team leaders of Ubuntu GNOME.
> This is just to make sure no conflict or anything might happen.
> Thank you everyone!

The reason I want to hurry up is:

26th of June is the date of Alpha 1 and we haven't yet approved any

If we failed to have an urgent meeting before our 'fixed' meeting on
22-June-2014 then here is my plan:

   1. I shall double check the blueprints under my teams (I'm the TL of 4
   sub-teams) and approve these - of course if there is any feedback, you can
   add it to the whiteboard.
   2. I shall also double check the blueprints that belongs to other teams
   (Tim and Alfredo Sub-Teams) and mark these 'Pending Approval'.
   3. We can always carry on with discussing on emails or on the blueprints.

This is in case we failed to do a meeting during these very few days.

I apologize once more; my life this cycle is no longer the same as the
previous one - hope you understand.

Best Regards,
amjjawad <>
*Remember: *"All of us are smarter than any one of us."

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