Gnome and Unity cohabitation

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Wed Jun 11 00:00:55 UTC 2014

On 09/06/14 23:52, David Raphaël wrote:
> Well thank you for your help. This is exactly the kind of trick I was looking for.
> Anyway, I think that all the desktops that are derived from Gnome should not be installed on the same machine in order to avoid any troubles.
> Unless of course it is possible to split the schemas into subset (one for each desktop). However I do not really know the details.

Splitting out the schemas is simply not possible, the schemas need to be shared, since you have shared apps between the desktops! I suppose in
theory glib could be made to do per-user per-session settings (still using the shared key), however that will never happen, and besides this
will all become less of an issue once Unity 8 arrives. Further apart from the case of a user wanting a different theme in different desktops,
there really shouldnt be any major issues arrising from the shared settings.
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> Hey,
> I use GNOME and Unity together without to many troubles. The trick to it from my experience is not to install the full meta-package of both
> desktop environment's, cause when you do, I have found that it causes conflicts, issues and sometimes instability. What I mean by this is,
> that install if you prefer Unity, you should really run Ubuntu first so you have the full Unity experience, then install just the key GNOME
> Packages for it to run and some of the extras you like.
> For example I prefer gnome, so I have only install the unity and ubuntu-session packages with there dependencies.
> Another note is if you install Unity & GNOME, DO NOT install Cinnamon unless your very good at unraveling an xorg/ desktop mess. There seems
> to be massive conflicts when you try installing all 3 at least from my experience. I would make the assumption its due to all being
> gnome-shell based with similar dependencies.
> I realize this isn't exactly what your asking or saying, but hopefully it helps.
> Martin
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> Subject: Gnome and Unity cohabitation
> Hello Ubuntu Gnome Team!
> Recently, I switched to Ubuntu Gnome from my Ubuntu with Unity. I desire to use it at some ocasion but still want to stay with Unity for most
> of my work. And there is something that bother me in the sense that it set up Ubuntu Gnome as the default desktop of the OS. What I mean is
> that all my sessions have the Gnome flag marked as default in lightdm. And I honestly think that the default desktop should never be changed,
> for the user not to get lost. I know that Gnome is tightly linked with Unity in the sense that they have to share the gconf schemas. So I
> suppose that installing Gnome overrided the schemas from unity. This schemas sharing also produced some troubles of compatibility between both
> desktops (for example when changing the windows theme).
> So here is my question:
> Do you think it would be technically possible to have better separation between the schemas of Gnome and Unity in oder to make them cohabite
> in a better way?
> I think it would be a great improvement for people who want to test Gnome Shell without breaking their Unity desktop.
> Thank you and congratulations for your amazing work! Your shell is rock solid! :-)
> Raphaël David

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