Gnome and Unity cohabitation

David Raphaël raphael.david at
Thu Jun 5 19:27:58 UTC 2014

Hello Ubuntu Gnome Team!
Recently, I switched to Ubuntu Gnome from my Ubuntu with Unity. I desire to use it at some ocasion but still want to stay with Unity for most of my work. And there is something that bother me in the sense that it set up Ubuntu Gnome as the default desktop of the OS. What I mean is that all my sessions have the Gnome flag marked as default in lightdm. And I honestly think that the default desktop should never be changed, for the user not to get lost. I know that Gnome is tightly linked with Unity in the sense that they have to share the gconf schemas. So I suppose that installing Gnome overrided the schemas from unity. This schemas sharing also produced some troubles of compatibility between both desktops (for example when changing the windows theme).
So here is my question:
Do you think it would be technically possible to have better separation between the schemas of Gnome and Unity in oder to make them cohabite in a better way?
I think it would be a great improvement for people who want to test Gnome Shell without breaking their Unity desktop.
Thank you and congratulations for your amazing work! Your shell is rock solid! :-)
Raphaël David
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