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On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 10:03 AM, Steve Ovens <steve_ovens at> wrote:

> Hi all,
Hi Steve,

> I got an email saying that my membership in the packaging sub team was
> going to expire and that I should contact either Tim, Alfredo or Ali to
> have it extend.
> Could someone please look into this?

Nothing much has changed really here:

Except instead of renew for 10 days which is very short, now you can renew
your own membership for 90 days :)

I was about to send an email about this update but I was so busy and I am
having some real life issues (urgent) that I must deal with but I am glad
you brought this up, that means you're active ;)

> In addition is there a way to extend the timeout?
The whole idea behind his policy (which is NOT new) is to make sure
everyone remain active and automatically identify those who are inactive.

When I have started the Sub-Teams idea until now, so many joined but very
few remained. Thanks to the 90 days policy, I don't have to do anything ;)
Those who are not active nor interested will NOT 'renew' their 'own'

It is a way to find out who is interested and who is not and a way to know
when we shall go for a recruitment mission.

Those who are active should not worry about that. It is just a normal
procedure for them to renew their subscription.

Even me, as a leader, I do have to renew my own subscription with some
Sub-Teams :)

> Thanks
Please let me know if everything is clear enough?

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I must update the Wiki Page :)


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