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Ali/amjjawad amjjawad at gnome.org
Sun Feb 9 16:00:19 UTC 2014

Hi Everyone,

First of all, I know I've been away from real action lately due to some
problems I'm having. Some of these that I can share with you here is my
inbox is receiving more than 100 emails daily and I'm totally lost.
However, that should be fixed now. I have created new email for everything
that is not Ubuntu GNOME related and updated all my subscriptions. It is
really hard to handle many projects at the very same time :)

Second of all, I've been thinking a lot of how to get the best of the
Sub-Teams, how to improve the internal communications, how to overcome the
endless issue of having a monthly meeting and above all, how to let our
users and even the members of this community to stay 'up-to-date' with each
and everything that is going on.

If truth to be told, the idea that I am going to propose has come as a hint
from a friend who has nothing to do with Ubuntu GNOME but we were chatting
the other day and he told me this:

*"In Germany the people prefer official flavors like Lubuntu. The only
unofficial flavor of Ubuntu that is "popular" is Bodhi Linux, I think
mainly because Jeff Hoogland is communicative and tells the world what's
going on. He has a blog, where he shares his experiences with Bodhi Linux

The above statement/paragraph made me think a lot.
I was about to propose that our development team starts to share some news
about what exactly they're doing. Not everyone has a technical background
and most if not all the whole world would like to know what is going on
with Ubuntu GNOME.

I think this is a *key success *not just to improve the internal
communications between team members and/or improve things but to *gain more
and more popularity*. When you tell people about what we do, that is an
easy way to attract people to join. If other developers will understand
what exactly is happening, they might join. Other Non-Technical people
might also be interested to join. IMHO, this is MUCH BETTER than keep
nagging on our Social Media Channels and beg for more help. Tell you the
truth, it just not working anymore. I am not interested to post any call of
help because simply people don't like that anymore. I can tell that because
only very few who click "Like" or "+1" and this will do the opposite -
losing interested people. That is *NOT* what we need.

That said, my final proposal is:

Each Leader/Driver of each Sub-Team of Ubuntu GNOME needs to provide a
Weekly Report of what is going on with his/her team.

Yes, that is indeed what the Blueprints are for but NOT everyone is
familiar with that. Above all and this is what I personally care for, the
users can't really understand anything from a blueprint.

These Weekly Reports should be in form of 'Email' not a Wiki Page, not a
blueprint, nothing complicated. Just a simple and plain email.

These Weekly Reports will be posted on our website and social media
channels every week.

Each Monday (for example), we will share our reports with the whole world
so submission should be before that.

News, Updates, Plans, stuff like that. That is all about. No Technical
stuff or things that hard to understand. Just interesting things that the
world needs to know about us.

Each Sub-Team has a mailing list. It is time to use these :)

I am excited and willing to start right now but as always, I do need your

I trust this idea will make Ubuntu GNOME more popular. Bring more
interested people to contribute. This is much better than posting a Wiki
Page link and ask people to join. Much more effective that sharing a
blueprint link and ask people to read/follow.

We do have a website and social media channels. Let's get the best of these
otherwise, IMHO, these channels are totally useless if we won't use them
the best way.

This is a proposal. Feel free to agree/disagree and I care for your
feedback either way:

+1 = Agreed.
0 = I don't know.
-1 = Disagree.


Best Regards,
amjjawad <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/amjjawad>
*Remember: *"All of us are smarter than any one of us."

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