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Thanks for your attention. We already know this issues and we shall address

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> Hey,
> I am new to these forums, but do use Ubuntu-GNOME as my main desktop and
> on a home server.
> I would like to propose an idea for future LTS releases considering that
> 14.04 is the first official LTS release. My idea mirrors what Ubuntu does
> in that you guys advertise that is an LTS release on the Login Page. As i
> have noticed with each Ubuntu LTS release they specifically display the
> version and whether it is an LTS or not i.e. "Ubuntu 14.04 LTS".
> My thoughts are that by advertising it, it not only re-confirms it for
> users but also promotes LTS and that Ubuntu-GNOME officially offers LTS,
> rather than just having it mentioned on the website and download page or
> somewhere like distrowatch.
> The other thing i noticed within Detail under system settings what that
> the release still states (at least for me) that i am running 13.10 even
> though i know it is 14.04, I also don't know if you guys also plan on
> changing the logo, but currently it show the Ubuntu logo and not to the
> Ubuntu GNOME logo under the same window (System Settings > Details). I just
> thought i would let you know in case you didn't know that both the
> displayed logo and version number do not represent the distribution or the
> current 14.04 release.
> Regards,
> Martin
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