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On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 6:29 PM, Niels Vermaut <nielsvermaut at>wrote:

> So, I'm still designing the new site, however upon request, I've made a
> droplet so that everyone can see what is happening to the design.
> Shenal Silva also reminded me that there is a Ubuntu Gnome colour palette.
> Is there a way to access it?
> To see the droplet:
> As always, constructive comments are always welcome.


While I appreciate your good intention to help, I guess I must ask you, yet
again (as discussed before on private messages) to slow down and 'wait'
until I ask everyone to start planning for Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 and the
website is part of this planning :)

Kindly be informed that without the leaders approval, nothing will happen,
I'm afraid. So please, and this is for everyone ... slow down and wait
until the planning phase starts :)

Again, I appreciate that but let's wait until I announce the beginning of
the planning. I guess I and the rest of the team deserve some rest after
crazy 6 months and chasing for the LTS status that we have finally earned :)

Please, slow down everyone :)

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Thank you!

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